Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surviving a Buffet...

Back in the day, I loved a good buffet.  But today I almost cringe every time I hear the word.  Why?

Well, because it is so hard to have control over myself.   So, so, so, so, so, SO hard!  I don't care if it is Chinese or American food...  It is just a weakness of mine.  So I try to avoid it all I can, but we have a big family and everyone likes to gather at the buffet restaurant.  I don't want to be a party pooper and punish everyone else for my weakness, so I go along with it.  The last trip to the buffet, my wonderful Mother and Father-in-law treated us to a place that was actually amazing.  They had a lot of healthy choices and I did very well.  First I loaded up a big plate of salad with all 0 Weight Watchers Points Plus veggies and a tiny bit of low-fat ranch.  Then I moved on to the fruit.   By this time my tummy was full so I was off to a tasting table.  Yes I call it a tasting table.  You know, like the free samples over at Costco.  I tried everything that looked good, but only a sample of it. Then I had a slice of turkey and a cookie.  I was very satisfied and kept within my daily allowance of points.

 Ok the truth is I did end up eating 3 cookies (I only planned for one).  But I had the points for it and I enjoyed ever bite!


Twix said...

I drove my relatives nuts with buffets. I told them ahead of time I was changing my diet and didn't really care for buffets. Their response? It's okay sweetie you don't have to eat everything up there. Okay fine sais I. They take me and I eat a birdie size portion of one thing and pass up the cookies ice cream and hot rolls. This only happened a few times. They eventually gave up going to the buffets with me. I don't eat enough to justify the cost. I don't know if you're able to do this, but it does send a message when one isn't being well recieved through the ears. My biggest crave off the buffets that I miss...cheesecake. :)

Karolynn said...

@Twix, I just can't live without cheesecake. Good thing the buffet we went to didn't have it, or I would have been toast.

Velma said...

I enjoy Golden Corral buffet. But I end up eating to much protein...shrimp, meatloaf, fish, some oriental stuff...and two quesidias, and 1 chocolate maccaroon cookie, and sherbert/yogurt ice cream scoop for dessert. To many choices, lol!!

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