Thursday, May 19, 2011

Question: How much weight did you lose before people notice?

Question:  Shrink, how much weight did you lose before people started noticing?
Answer:  60 lbs.  Yes 60 pounds my friends.

I have always had a rule throughout my years of yo yo dieting to never tell people I was dieting.  That way, when I would fail I wouldn't be embarrassed.  I would also avoid certain people watching me eat and questioning me about my eating.  So, when I started the HCG diet two years ago to this day, only my hubby, little people, Momma and Pappy, and my friend Peggy (who helped me get started) knew about it.    After several long months of dieting, people finally started noticing my weight loss and I remember the day it happened.  It was a Sunday and I wore a new dress in my new size (at the time)  to church and got a lot of people freaking out.  Thus the gastric bypass question. People would say to me it happened over night, but it didn't.  I wished!

Have you lost weight and no one notices?  Don't get discouraged, I know it is really frustrating.  Try wearing a smaller size that shows off you new curves.  That was the winning moment for me. 

This is me and the hubby on my birthday in that very same dress.


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