Monday, May 30, 2011

Going Number 1 and 2...

We have a camping trailer, and use it all the time.  It is like my favorite thing ever to be camping in my 90's machine we call a trailer.  When we went camping last week, I noticed something pretty amazing.  I fit in the tiny bathroom, I could even close the door.  This is huge, people!  Now I can poop in peace!  This bathroom is small, folks.  I mean small!  So small, you cant even get a photo of this room.

But here I sit with the door closed and I can even wipe too.  Yehaw!  I love being thinner!  I have my pants up in this photo, so no worries.

After the big discovery, I was pretty excited to pull this out:

My Wham Casset tape!  Then I started Jamming.  The Smart Girl really got a kick out of this.  She started asking all kinds of questions about the music (The way I was dancing and 80's fashion).  So I did what every good mother my age should do...  I showed her how to make an 80's hairdo.   She was laughing so hard and couldn't believe I would go into public looking like this:

Boy she should have seen my 80's hair when I actually had hair, a perm, and aquanet.  This is nothing!

Can you close the door when you poop?  Did you have an 80's hairdo?

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