Monday, May 23, 2011

Healthy Choices...

This is the last piece of the cheese cake my Momma made.  She makes the best cheese cake in the world.  After dinner at her house, I was so lucky that she sent us home with 1/2 of a cheese cake.  After the Grown Gal and her boyfriend had a couple of slices, I was left with this.  What should I do?  Should I eat it. even though I already had a slice the night before?  What do you do when you pop open the fridge and see something you absolutely love staring you in the face?  Well I ended up giving it to the Little Lady.  She loved it!  It was alot more joyful seeing her eating it.  She was just so happy!

So after the cheese cake situation, it got me thinking about the healthy things I have in the house to grab.  I have a great variety of vegetables and fruit in the crisper of my fridge, but I always seem to forget about them and end up throwing them away due to them being old.  My solution is to make them more appealing and easy to grab and go.  This is what I did:

Instead of buying the fresh veggies and putting them away in the crisper, I got my veggie tray out and cut everything up.  This has really been a great help to me.  Now when I feel like chomping on something I have this big veggie tray staring at me, all ready to eat.

My husband bought me this cute little fruit basket.  I have my fruit displayed instead of in the fridge to be forgotten about.  Having healthy choices ready and visible has really helped me.


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