Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Question: Clothes

Question:  Shrink what do you do when you keep going down in sizes?  I can't afford to buy new clothes every month.

Answer:  This is what I did...  I would just wear my clothes until they were baggie.  Simple as that.  But when you lose over 130lbs you can only get so baggie before you look like a clown.  So I would head over to Ross to get me two pairs of pants, but make sure they were tight, you know a bit uncomfortable.  That way I could wear them a lot longer before I got the clown look.  What about shirts?  Same thing, buy them a bit small and when they get too big.  Layer!  I have a lot of use out of my shirts by using undershirts.  Like this shirt that I am wearing today:

It started off small and then I lost weight and it ended up so big that my boobies showed.  What to do?  Add an undershirt and you are good to go for 20 more lbs.

Another solution is to find a friend who is also losing weight.  Perhaps they will donate their big clothes to you.  I was lucky to have my dear friend Roberta donate her clothes to me.  I am looking for someone to donate my clothes to.  I currently have sizes 18, 16 and 14 to give away.  If you know anyone who could use them, let me know! 


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!! I haven't reached that point yet but now I know what to do when it get here!

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