Eating Out Meal Ideas

One of the biggest challenges to dieting is eating out. The following list is some of the places I have been lately and a meal idea. A great website is these guys have almost every restaurant you can think of with The point plus values.  This website has been a life savor.

Meal Idea (great lunch)
Small Chili 5pts
garden side salad 0pts
Fat Free french or Ranch 1pt
Total Meal........6 points

Jason's Deli
Meal Idea
This is what I love to get.
Club lite  12pts
Fruit (dont eat the dip) or vegi 0 pts
Ice cream cone   4pts

Paradise bakery
Meal idea
½ turkey sand with no mayo, small tomato soup, oatmeal raisin cookie. 
Total meal…..    16 points plus…

You can totally skip the cookie if you need a lower point meal, but I am still a fat lady inside so I go for it.

Carls jr
Meal Idea #1
Apply walnut salad , substitute the raspberry dressing for Balsamic vinegar
Total meal............     9 points plus
Meal Idea#2
BBQ Chicken Sandwich, side salad (remove the cheese) with Balsamic vinegar dressing.
Total meal......            11 points plus

Did you know at CJ's (Carls Jr.) you can get any hamburger or sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun?  Yes even a kid hamburger. 

Meal Idea
Foot long turkey on wheat a ton of veggies, no cheese, no mayo, salt, pepper and vinegar
Total meal...  14 points plus and yes I eat the entire thing!

Dairy Queen
Meal Idea
Chicken strip kids meal with apple sauce and fudge bar
Total meal.... 9 points plus

Artic Circle
Meal Idea
2 piece halibut, side salad with light ginger dressing         
Total meal....    8 points plus

 Meal Idea
Grilled drum stick, grilled breast, green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy.
Total meal....      9 points plus

Try not to eat the biscuit because they are a whopping 5 points plus each.

Meal idea
Simple and fit mushroom, spinach, tomato omelet with fresh fruit             7 points plus
Simple and fit 2 egg breakfast (comes with yummy turkey bacon)        9 points plus 
Simple and fit chicken sandwich with fresh fruit                                   12 points plus

Ihop has a great Simple and fit menu with a lot of different low calorie choices.

Meal Ideas 
Salmon lunch with rice  9 pts+
Salmon lunch with salad    6pts+
Steak soup and dinner salad  5 pt+

Meal idea
Whopper jr (no mayo)  and value onion ring
Total meal....             11 points plus

Meal idea
shrimp scampi (lunch portion), garden salad with fat free ranch dressing, broccoli and cheddar biscuit (you can't skip the biscuit)
Total meal.....10 points plus

SIZZLER (aka shizzler)
6 oz steak with broccoli
Total meal.... 6 points plus
Do not, I repeat do not eat the cheese toast.  It is 7 points plus just for one.  Who can just eat one?  Tell the server not to bring it to the table.

Meal idea
grilled chicken sand no mayo and small fry
Total meal.... 13 points plus