About Me

Me before at my highest weight

My name is Karolynn, also known as "Shrink".  I grew up in Utah with four older brothers and very loving parents.  As a child I was very skinny... so skinny I was teased for it.  Then one day I hit puberty and became a little chubby.  In high school, I was about 15lbs overweight. I thought at that time, it was the end of the world. Now my high school weight is my goal weight.  After the birth of my first child I ended up being a little over 200lbs.  I lost most of that weight over a period of 2 years.  In the mid 1990s I moved to North Carolina where I was in a bad marriage surrounded by good ol' southern comfort food.  I hit my all time high after a move to Hawaii followed by a devastating divorce.  I couldn't believe I was 300 pounds!  It was devastating.  I joined weight watchers and lost 50lbs.  I then found the love of my life and remarried in 2002.  Three more kids later, I found myself back at 300lbs.  I was again devastated and found myself desperate. 

I heard about lap band surgery and started looking into it.  I called my health insurance and was assured they would cover it if I had a medical condition.  I had severe sleep apnea and that would be enough to approve the surgery.  After a very expensive visit with the lap bad doctor, my insurance suddenly said we were misimformed and claimed that through my husband's work policy, weight loss surgeries are not covered for any reason.  I was devastated, I felt like it was the end.  No hope for me.  I already tried all kinds of different diets and would lose maybe 30 lbs on each one of them and give up, slowly gaining it all back. 

In May of 2009 my friend Peggy called and told me all about a diet she had tried that had amazing results.  The next day I was at Peggy’s house with $100 to buy my HCG shots.  I started the HCG diet and in my first 40 day round I lost 45lbs.  I went on and off the diet for 1 ½ years and lost a total of 130lbs.  Amazing!  I couldn't believe I finally did it. 

One problem…..  The HCG diet never taught me how to eat a normal diet.  In fact it promised that your metabolism would reset and you would never gain the weight back.  It also taught that you must weigh yourself everyday.  If you go 2 lbs over you must eat apples and steak and nothing else for an entire day so you can lose that 2lbs.  Guess what that did to me?  It made me a crazy, cry baby mess.  Every other day I was eating steak.  I even tried to follow the Weight Watchers program on my own and I still gained weight.  I was miserable and my hair was falling out by the handfuls.  At this time another friend of mine, Bunni, gave me good counsel and even talked to her personal doctor for me.  He was able to give me some great advice and from that help I ended up having my husband remove and hide the scale from our home.  After Christmas I was 10lbs over my lowest HCG weight (I enjoyed the holidays a bit too much) and I joined Weight Weight Watchers.  I love Weight Watchers!  From switching to Weight Watchers I have learned how to eat right.  I have learned that I can eat and enjoy good food, just that I need to control it.  I am losing weight really slow now and in the last 5 months have only lost 15lbs.  It is very frustrating to lose weight so slowly, especially while others in my Weight Watchers group are losing weight much faster.  Sometimes I still feel like giving up, but the great people at the Big W have motivated me to keep going.  So here I am 134lbs lighter, heather and happier.

Me after!  Still trying to obtain my goal weight.