Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I never thought I would eat that....

About a month ago my friend Linda brought me back some fresh oranges, lemons and grapefruit from her vacation home in Arizona.  At first I said no to the grapefruit.  I remember hating grapefruit since I was a kid.  Every time I would see someone eating a grapefruit, I would wonder why.  Blahhhh, it made chills up my spine just seeing someone eat one.  Then Linda told me if I put a little brown sugar on them and microwave for a few seconds the kids may just love them.  So I took them.  The kids hated them (I knew it).  I decided to try one (without the sugar of course) and guess what?  I LOVE THEM!  I have had a grapefruit almost every day since.  Amazing how things change when you are dieting and older.  I appreciate healthy food so much more, especially if it is 0 points +.

Have you tried anything new that you thought you would never like?  If not, do it!  I dare you!


whitney said...

i heard at work today that if you eat grapefruit with certian medicine it messes you up.

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