Friday, May 27, 2011

Fat Friday!

This is Fat me with my skinny friend.  We were on a ride at a local amusement park.  She snapped this photo of us.  Boy did we have fun that day.  Laugh until you pee fun!


Anonymous said...

You look like an attractive, happy person who doesn't prioritize nutrition/portion limits/exercise. Period.

Don't beat yourself up over being fat. It takes effort to keep your weight low and perhaps you were focusing on kids/husband/other parts of your life.

I can finally look back at my old fat days and love that girl who did the best she could. :-)

Right now your perspective is that getting fat again is the worst that can happen to you but I promise that it's not.

You're probably going to pshaw me today but in 10 years I hope you remember this post and love yourself enough to realize that you're fantastic no matter what you weigh. creating and maintaining these wonderful habits is a choice and I hope you continue to choose them but at some point you may have to forgive yourself for not choosing them.

Karolynn said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your comment and in no way would pshaw you at all. You are right I have to stop being so hard on myself. That is something I really have to work on. Weight issues can go way deeper then just eating it is also mental. I hope I can continue to to well, but I will be honest it is so hard. Losing it was the easy part keeping it off and realizing that this is the way I have to eat forever is the real struggle.

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