Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let's talk dressing...

My Pappy knows that my very favorite salad dressing is bleu cheese.  He also knows how sick of Balsamic Vinegar I am.  Pappy surprised me with this stuff and it is awesome.  It is 2 ww points + per serving vs. the 5 points of the regular stuff.  I love it.

Sometimes you need to dip.  This Ranch is found at any grocery store that sells Western Family.  Around here it would be Dicks, Macys, Harmons, Fresh Market and Reams.  This dressing weighs in at 1 point + per serving.

Are you tired of the same old, same old?  Try this Western Family Thousand Island.  It is only 1 point + per serving and very tasty on your garden salads.

Fancy shmancy, Maple Grove Farms Fat Free Poppy seed dressing.  I love this dressing on a nice "strawberry and romaine" lettuce or "grape and romaine" lettuce salad.  This is only 1 ww point + per serving.  Good stuff.

This is my emergency dressing.  You know those days when you have to attend a party and you need to save up some points.  Or the days you are out of points, but still are hungry.  You can whip up a salad and use this Maple Groves Sugar Free raspberry vinaigrette for 0 ww points +.  Yes 0 points!  And it is good too!

I use these dressings when I dress my salads.  How have you been dressing yours?  Did you know that most salad dressing is so fattening and high in calories that you are better off having a Big Mac?  Salads are not always the wisest choice, unless you skip the dressing.  My WW instructor, the amazing Cindy told us to always order our dressing on the side and to dip our fork in the dressing and then spear up some salad.  You will hardly use any dressing this way and have dressing with every bite.  Thanks Cindy for the tip!


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