Monday, May 16, 2011

Butter, I love butter!

I love butter!  You know...  The real stuff... Not that margarine puke.  Butter is super fattening.  Really, really, REALLY fattening.  Now how best to use it?

You spray it!

Ok ok OK!  It is not butter, it is pretty much crap like margarine, but let me tell you.... It's a lot better than nothing and for 0 calories and 0 ww points + you can't go wrong.  I have tried several brands and I like the Parkay brand the best.  I spray my vegetables, my bread, my popcorn, my finger, and much more with this stuff and it is actually pretty good.  I was just kidding about the finger part.

Saying goodbye to butter is really hard, but when you think about the things you could eat instead of butter, it makes it a lot easier.  Spray butter rocks! 


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