Monday, May 9, 2011

Sometimes a girl needs some chocolate.

Doesn't this look good?  This what the hubby will be enjoying for our movie time snack (every night we watch TV together after the kids go to bed).  Guess how many points this candy bar is?  15!  Yes 15 points!  I had a little square the other day and so not worth it (my opinion).

Instead have one of these:

Yumm and for only 2 points + you could have 7 of them.

Chocolate, granola, pretzles and only 2 points.  How can a girl go wrong with one of these? My circus (aka family) are always on the run so I keep a box in the trunk of my SUV for when I get hungry.  It helps me avoid the french fries at McDonalds.

These are Special K bars.  Click on my good finds tab under my header to see a picture of the box.  Look at the photo carefully to make sure you get the right ones.  Not all of their bars are 2 points and not all of them taste as wonderful as this one.


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