Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The scale... It's not my friend!

This is my scale.  I hate it!  It does its job so well and it is actually the best scale I have ever owned as far as being accurate and not changing every time I step on it.  But..... I hate it!  I had become a slave to it slowly over the last 2 years.  When I was on the HCG diet, I weighed myself dilligently every day!  It was great the first few months, when I was loosing a pound everyday, but then something bad happened.  When I was off the diet and weighing myself daily, I'd notice a small gain and then starve myself until I had lost the weight.  This went on and on for over a year and a half with me throwing hissy fits over the number on this scale.  It got UGLY!  When I joined Weight Watchers, I asked my hubby to remove the scale and hide it.  Like a good hubby he removed it.  It was gone for 5 months with me only finding it a couple times.  It was so nice to be without it and to only have to worry about my weight once a week at Weight Watchers.

I came acrost this excellent article called "Why The Scale Lies" and it was so helpful to me to understand why just in one day I could gain 2 to 5lbs.  If you have ever been frustrated by a weight gain and have no clue why, please take the time to click the link below and read this article.  It will really help you.

Today the scale has been back in the bathroom for a week now.  I am proud to announce that it hasn't been a problem yet.  I have actually started to lose weight again, so perhaps we can be friends after all.  I am sure this baby will go missing again someday soon, but for now I will enjoy seeing the numbers drop.      


Velma said...

I so can relate to this problem as well!! I too have to just say so today I have to just be less inclined to eat as poorly!! LOL!! Smaller portions, and more healthy choices more often, lol! Stop by 6pm...hahaha. Love, Velma

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