Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simply Filling....


I just got back from the big W and I lost 2.2 lbs!  Wahoo!  I'll stick to this another week for sure!

I was losing weight for a couple of weeks and now I am back to not losing.  In fact I gained a pound.  I would understand if I screwed up, but I didn't.  So it gets very frustrating.

At Weight Watchers they suggested I try the Simply Filling program.  Basically you only eat power foods until you are full and only if you are hungry.  You don't even have to track them or count points.  I choose to track them because I don't want to over eat.  You also get your 49 extra points for your non-power foods.  I have eaten 19 points in power foods per day and have tried hard not to eat non-power foods.  But I slipped up a bit and ate a bite here and there...  I DO have the points for it.  I hope it works!  I'll let you know!

Have you ever tried the Simply Filling program at Weight Watchers?  Did it work for you?  Are you not losing weight on the Weight Watcher's program and need to try something different?  Ask your Weight Watchers leader.  They can give you the information.


Velma said...

Sometimes I think we are just can't seem to be satisfied with it boredom it the fact that there is something we want to do and we can't go for it?? Could it be that we are not where we want to be or situations in our life are not working out the way we want it to?? Yes, yes, and yes to all of the above. I think I need to just be happy with the amount of weight I did lose. Just get off my butt, and exercise and eat smaller portions alittle more often. Be satisfied that my life is great where I am, and know this to shall pass. You are great and you have done amazingly Karolynn! Keep it up and never give in to discouragement!! The Lord loves you!

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