Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pizza for me!

Have you looked at my Recipes?  Well you have to check out my Recipe tab at the top and scroll down to the Pizza dough.  This dough is amazing and with it you can enjoy pizza the ShrinkaDink way.

After you prepare your dough cut it into 4ths.  Each quarter is 8 points.

Roll out your quarter.  I roll mine out thin because it makes me feel like I'm getting more.  I have a huge appetite, so big is always better for me.  Place on a greased (use Pam) baking sheet or pizza pan.

Next add your sauce.  I have been using Hunts becuase for 1/2 cup it is only 1 Weight Watcher Point.

Spread it all around.  Don't laugh at my silly shaped pizza.  Some days it is round and some it is not.

Grab yourself some 0 Weight Watcher Point Plus toppings.  I love onions, mushrooms and green peppers.  Pineapple is also very yummy!

Once it is all ready, bake it at 450 degrees for 12 minutes.

Enjoy, I know I did this, is my last piece.  Boy am I full!  Not too shabby for 9 points for an entire pizza!  Makes a fat lady sing (ahahlalalalhahalalal)!

Look what the little people made with their dough.

Personal Pizza's!  They had a blast making them!

This is what the Hubby made.

Looks a little like mine, but he added sausage and cheese.  Good for him, but not too good for me.


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