Saturday, June 25, 2011

Food Co-op / Bountiful Basket! Ordering Instructions!

I love, love, love participating in the food co-op.  For $15.00 I can get a ton of fruit and veggies.  For a bit more I can add on some of the 1 point amazing 9 grain bread.  Have you wanted to participate, but are overwhelmed when you go to their website to order?  I was when I started.  If it wasn't for my cute niece Niki, I would probably still be trying to figure out how to do it.  Well today I am here to help!

Step by step instructions on ordering your basket:

  1. Click on a little tab under the header called “register”.
  2. Complete the form and click on “submit”.
Once you are registered, complete the following steps:

  1. Wait to order until Monday at 10:00 AM for Utah.  For all other States ordering starts at Noon.  You only have until Tuesday to order, so hurry, because supplies are limited and they run out fast.
  2. Go to  On the far left there will be a clip of a basket under the words “Offerings”.  Click on that basket.  It will take you to a current offering screen.  Click on “get my basket” under your state.  If you get to the website before 10 AM or noon (which ever time your state does it) the offering will not be there.  At this point you will log in and Bountiful Baskets will take you to an offer screen.
  3. Complete the form by first selecting the county you want to pick your basket up in followed by the site you want to go to.
  4. Choose how many baskets you want (3 is the limit).  If this is your first time basket you must pay a one time fee of $3.00.  Do you want to upgrade to an organic basket for 10 extra dollars?  Warning about the organic basket -- it is smaller, you pay more, and get about ½ of what you would expect when compared with a normal basket.  There are also add-ons.  I get the 9 grain bread.  It is absolutely delicious and it is very inexpensive.  To top it all off, it is only 1 weight watchers Point Plus per slice!  Yes this is the bread I ALWAYS talk about!
  5. Press Submit.  Please note once you do this you are committed to the basket.  They do not offer refunds and if something comes up and you can’t pick it up, you are just out of luck.  Notice the handling fee of $1.50.  You have to pay this every time.
  6. Click on checkout.  Enter your payment information.  Click on submit.  This will then take you to a thank you screen.
  7. Click on "Printer Friendly Version" and print (top left under header).  Save the printout for your pick up day.
Don't forget to remember the date and time to pick your food up.

This is all the fruit I got on my last visit to the co-op.  Awesome right?  Wait we are not done...

We can't forget about the vegetables.  All of this for 15 bones and 0 Weight Watcher's Points Plus.  Amazing!

Come on over to my blog on Monday!  I will have the instructions posted on how to pick up your basket.
Update:  I will be posting the pickup instructions on Tuesday instead of Monday.


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