Monday, June 20, 2011

Body Image...

Have you ever seen a photo or a video of yourself and thought "oh my gosh I had no clue I looked like that"?  Have you ever said to yourself "I always look bigger in pictures or on video? When I was at my all time high weight I had no clue how I really looked.  I didn't see myself as big as I was.  I  knew I was obese, but didn't really grasp how my appearance was.  Looking back on old photos, I now realize that it was not just the photo's that appeared to make me bigger, it was just the real me.

So I sit here and wonder why now that I have lost so much weight do I still see the image of an obese me?   I know it sounds crazy and I know I look a ton better.  You can't lose over 130lbs and not look better, but something is making me see myself differently.  I guess it is a mind thing, perhaps I need counseling.

While at our local amusement park, I made the mistake by asking the smart girl to point out people that look my size.  She kindly pointed out people, but it wasn't what I expected.  She was pointing out very large people.  I thought she would help me out, but it only made things worse.

I came home and started looking on the internet for people my height and weight.  I came across a website called My Body Gallery and I loved it.  This site lets you chose your height, weight and shape.  Then it shows you photos of real women your size.  It was a huge relief to see that I was not as large as the smart girl pointed out to me.  Check it out and see what other people your size look like.


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