Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Looks like barf, but it is good!

I participate in the local food co-op and sometimes we get things that are a little different.  Some things we have no clue what they are and we have to Google them to figure out how to use and pronounce them.  One thing we recently got was Swiss Chard.  I have heard of this stuff prior to receiving it, but I have never "dared" try it.  So after some googling, I came up with my own version of swiss chard, keeping it at 0 Weight Watchers Points Plus.  It was amazing!

First spray your pan with butter.  Then cut the chard leafs off and chop up the stems.  Add the stems with some minced garlic and saute until slightly tender.

Add your leafs to the pan.  This pan was completely over the top with leafs, but it shriveled down a bit before I got a photo.

Pour on some Balsamic Vinegar (I used 1/4 cup) and continue to cook, until leafs are tender.

It is done!  See looks like barf.

I ate my swiss chard with a scrumptious 9 point lasagna roll.  Yes 9 points (guess you won't be asking for that recipe).

When I make a high calorie dish, it is so nice to have a yummy satisfying vegetable to make me full.  Remember just a little of the fattening with a lot of the healthy.


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