Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Corn! Don't forget it!

I forget all about fresh corn on the cob because it is not a 0 Weight Watchers Points Plus food.  Well, don't forget about it!!!!  It is so delicious and only 2 Points Plus for  about a 7" cob.

I have my favorite boy that always likes to help me cook.  In favorite boy's therapy his therapist has him prepare a lot of vegetables, so at home he is in charge of all vegetables and calls himself the "Sue Chef".  So favorite boy husked all the corn for me (yes he made a huge mess).

One of the biggest mistakes people make with corn is the amount of time they let it boil.  I hate overcooked corn on the cob (you know like at KFC).  After your water comes to a boil, only cook it for 5 minutes.  Promptly take it out, don't let it sit in the hot water because it is still cooking.

Momma taught me a trick years ago and I have modified it.  You may want to keep this a secret because people will think you ALWAYS pick the best corn.

Put 3 packs of  sugar free sweetener in your boiling water!  You will have the BEST corn ever!

Put some spray butter, salt and pepper on and ENJOY!


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