Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food Co-op / Bountiful Basket Pick Up Instructions

I did this post as a guest blogger last month.  Now it is here for you!  If you didn't see the ordering instructions post, you can find them here.

When you order your basket, it can be a bit overwhelming picking it up.  If you have a bit of a social shyness like I do (afraid to ask questions, not wanting to start up a conversation etc..) it can be very intimidating.  So today I am here to show you what you can expect when you pick up your basket. 

First of all DON'T BE LATE!  If you are more then 20 minutes late you are out of luck.

Bring your little printout with you just in case they don't have you on the list.  In the last 2 years I have had to pull it out once when I was given the wrong bread.  So it is a good idea to have it just in case.

Bring something with you to take it home in.  Most people bring a large laundry basket.  I used to bring one until I tried my bags.  The bags were much easier for me to carry back to my car.  So I now use bags.  Some people even bring wagons, coolers and boxes.  It is up to you.

When you arrive you will see something like this.  

You may also see large lines.  The line on this day was small and some days they have no line at all.   Don't worry too much. The line moves pretty quick most of the time.  The lines are sometimes split up into times or sorted by last names.  Go to the front of the line and ask the volunteer with the clipboard what line you need to be in.

Once you are up for your turn in line, you tell the volunteer your last name and sign for your basket. The volunteer will then tell you what number your basket is.   Here comes the good part!

My basket on this day was number 20.  You will receive two baskets, you need to take BOTH baskets.  They are BOTH yours!  This was an ok basket, but most weeks are so awesome that your basket is overflowing.  Every week the basket has been more then worth the $15.00.  Now empty the goods in your own basket, bag, box, etc.. and go home.

If you ordered bread or other add-ons, you will get in another line (usually really short) to get your "add-on".  You have to get this bread.  I love it!  Even before I started dieting I thought it was the best bread ever.  I can't believe it is only 1 Weight Watcher's Point Plus (50 calories per slice).  I had to recalculate it five times to convince myself it was true.

Every few baskets it is great for you to volunteer.  This program is run only by volunteers and if they don't have enough volunteers, things don't run very smooth.  To volunteer just arrive early (the volunteer time will be on your print out).   Also as a volunteer, you get to split the leftover food.  So volunteering is a great thing to do! 

For ordering instructions you can see my post here.  Have Fun and Enjoy the healthy, affordable food!


Anonymous said...

Super big THANK YOU... I am getting my first basket this weekend... again THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

As a VSC for BOuntiful Baskets, I must correct you on a couple of things...first, you must always have your confirmation number with you. It doesn't necessarily have to be a printout, but the number can be written down. You are not supposed to pick up without it! Also, volunteers do not split the leftover case ends. These were payed for by participants. Volunteers get to pick 1 large or 2 small items and the rest are distributed to baskets. Thanks.JJ

Karolynn said...

@ Anonymous, thanks for the information. I was just going by what other volunteers have told me and what I experience. It is nice to know the corrections. Thanks again!

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