Monday, July 11, 2011

I am Loving Watermelon!

I usually buy the mini watermelons, but the big ones were just about the same price as the tiny ones. I am at our local market thumping all the watermelons trying to listen for the best one when a man approaches me and offers to help.  I was totally for it because I usually pick out the worst melons ever.  He told me that he picks one with a yellow belly (that is exactly what I do for cantaloupe).  He picked me out one and guess what?  It was delicious!  I ate it all week long and polished it off today.  MMMMMM!

This slice was so huge, filling and guilt free!  I am off to buy another one.

Thank you to the man who helped me pick one out.  The grown gal suggested that he was trying to "pick" me up, but beings how I had all three of the tiny people with me running around in circles and due to my wrinkly saggy skin and the rock on my finger I am guessing he was just a nice man.  Go get you some!


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