Monday, July 25, 2011

I know it is hot, but I'm eating soup...

Have you tried any of the Progresso Light Soups yet?  I know, I know it is summer and hard to think about hot bowl of soup, but it is pretty dang good.

This is the one I had today, Savory Vegetable Barley.  Can you believe it is only 1 Weight Watchers Points Plus and only 60 calories per one cup serving?  The can comes with two servings and so I go for it and eat it all.

So yummy, so chunky and so satisfying.  Tonight I am going out to dinner with a bunch of ladies, so having a low calorie/point lunch was just what I needed.  Now I have enough points left for dinner.  Progresso has several 1 or 2 Point Plus soups and they have the Weight Watchers Point values right on the can.  Easy cheesy!


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I read your blog all the time because I am on a diet and have lost 5 pounds it is not nearly as impressive as you! but you gotta start somewhere! Dieting is tough so it is great when inspirational people like you give helpful tips!! thanks so much!!! CONGRATS!!

Karolynn said...

5 pounds is great and is impressive. It is hard to shed 5 pounds. Think of a 5lb bag of potatoes. That is heavy. Keep up the good work!

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