Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Treat and it has Chocolate!

Awhile back I picked some of these up on an amazing coupon deal.  Yesterday while at the water park I pulled these out for the kids when I noticed the box said 80 calories.  I started to do a happy dance inside because I knew they would be 2 points (I am getting pretty good on estimating points without the caculator).

Once you open the box you will find ten individual packages.  I like how they only have one serving per individual package, because for me it is so hard to open up a granola bar that has two servings in it and not eat the second serving.  The package is opened right?  You have to do something with it, why not put it in your mouth? It is so frustrating!

This is how they look, but how do they taste?  As Tony the Tiger would say "they're grrrreat!"  They are also only two Weight Watchers Points Plus and really only 80 calories.  Go down the cereal isle at your local market and look for these next to the granola bars.


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