Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flirty Aprons- Freedom from domestication with a little Sugar n’ Spice"

I do a lot of cooking, especially now that eating out is a big no no for me.  Honestly it was starting to get old.  Lately, I have been feeling a bit too domesticated. 

I mean look at me.  I have that "This is getting old look" don’t I?  What does a gal like me do to find freedom from domestication?  Well,  you add a little Sugar n’ Spice!

What has changed?  Yes!  It’s the apron!  I am a proud owner of a Flirty Apron.  Isn’t it cute?  Spicy?  Sweet?  Yeah baby!  My hubby thinks it is pretty cute too and I won’t tell you what my Momma said to wear under this cute apron (keeping it PG).  I have tried to make one of these Kitchen aprons on my own, but it ended up being not so cute and costing just as much as if I were to buy it. 

See the cute pockets?  They are so convenient for my cooking tools, gum, mints, paper or whatever (Diet Coke, cough, cough).  Not to mention the sash! Tie it in the back or in the front.  Loving it! 

So go ahead and find Freedom from domestication with a little Sugar n’ Spice for yourself, by stopping over at and picking out an apron for yourself.  The one I have is the Scarlet Blossom apron, but they have several cute ones to choose from.  As a bonus for my blog readers, you can currently pick up one of these already reasonable-priced Women’s aprons for 20% off by using promo code BB20.  After your purchase at, be sure to enter the contest they have going on right now by posting a video on Youtube about Flirty Aprons and show your creative way of destroying an old apron.  To enter, make sure your video has the words "Flirty Apron" in the title and email the Youtube link to  The top 10 most creative videos will be picked by Flirty Aprons and will receive a full refund of the Flirty Apron purchase price.  The #1 most creative video will receive a full refund plus a $100.00 Visa gift card.  This promotion and contest will end September 10th at midnight Pacific Time.  Wow! 

I hope you enjoy your Flirty Apron as much as I do.  Good luck on the contest!

This posting was sponsored by Flirty Aprons through Broadcast Bloggers.


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