Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Delites...

I saw these at Walmart and knew with only 14 calories these frozen pops would be low in Weight Watchers points. So I bought some, brought them home and caculated.  Drum roll (dadadadadadaddad) they are zero points (cha ching), yes zero!

I had a bite of the orange bar and at first I thought they were yummy, but the second bite was blahhh.

Then I tried the raspberry and felt the same way.  Blahhh!  I still had cherry left, but I disliked these so much I decided to stop.  These are just not for me.  The smart girl in my family LOVES them!  If she were writing this blog post it would be totally different.  She is actually eating one right now.  But as for me, i'd rather suck on an ice cube.

So go ahead, give them a try because they were under $2.00 and who knows...  You could be like the smart girl and love them!

Note, they are only 0 points if you eat just one.  When you have 2 in one day it will be 1 point.  Don't eat the entire box and think you are free and clear.


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