Saturday, April 16, 2011

Food Funeral

I have recently heard the term "Food funeral".  People all around the world are having funerals for their food before they start dieting.  I really don't think this is a great idea.  Because to tell yourself that you will never, ever, EVER have a slice of cake or eat at your favorite restaurant again is just setting yourself up for failure.  That is what I love about Weight Watchers.  With The big W you can still eat the foods you enjoy, but you enjoy them in a controlled way.

Instead, go ahead and have a funeral... for the overeating of food.  While you are at it, you can start planning the funeral for your big clothes.  I am currently planning the funeral for my boobs.  Yep, I am a blunt and open person. My boobs are gone.  It is like the 130lbs came off my chest!  No worries.  I am currently taking money donations for my boob job.  If you would like to donate, please comment and I will send you my account information.  Yes I am totally serious!


Grandma Bert said...

I can tell you what you will need to have it done so you know how much you need for donations. I wish I could donate, but I am thinking that I might need to go stand out by the freeway with a homeless sign! Good luck girl, after all you have done the last two years, this will be a piece of cake.

Twix said...

I have food funerals while I'm eating out. When it's hubby (ER) and I out, I rewrap the buns and make a dramatic effect out of it. Then announce outloud the passing of said bun and today is it's funeral. Then I march to the trash can and toss them away. You seriously wouldn't want to eat out with me as I have way to much fun making scenes... Oh my haha the people who stare and give weird looks at me when I have bun funerals. My neighbor is taking me out to lunch today....hee hee what a treat! :D Sometimes you have to live, lighten up a little!

Karolynn said...

@Twix, I love it! We would have a blast eating out together. I actually pour water on food to keep me from eating it. The servers must think I am a crazy nut.

Velma said...

About the chest, I just need to find a better bra straps keep falling of my shoulders, and I really need a lift job myself, hahahaha!! Yes, I have gravity problems in the chest department with the dieting, lol!! Wish I had the money for the lift, but would be scared to have the surgery that would go with it. Maybe padded bra would be okay for me. Now to figure out where to buy one, lol!

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