Saturday, April 30, 2011

Question: Did I have Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Since my weight loss, I have had a lot of random questions from people.  So today I am going to answer one of them.

Question:  ShrinkaDink, did you have the gastric bypass?

Answer:  No! 

I desperately wanted to have the lap-band surgery.  I even visited the surgeon and had everything verbally approved by my insurance company.  When the surgeon's office went to get written approval from my insurance company so they could schedule my surgery, the insurance company did not approve it.  They stated that although Blue Cross Blue Shield normally covers the surgery, the particular policy that my husband's work had purchased excluded weight-loss surgeries.

The news completely devastated me.  I thought it was the end.  I would be a Fat Lady forever. Not to mention I was out a lot of money from visiting the doctor and getting tests done.


This is a photo of what the lap band surgery is.  That little tube is accessible from you skin, so the doctor can tighten it as needed.  I am so glad I didn't do it.  Crazy how something that devastated me turned out later to be a blessing.


Velma said...

I am glad that you didn't! I hear that some people get big again even though they went with this option!!

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