Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Dinner - How I Will Survive It

This Easter I am hosting a family party for about 20 to 25 people.  We will be serving funeral potatoes, homemade bread, green beans and ham.  My Mom is bringing coconut cream pies.  How will I survive following the Weight Watchers program?  I refuse to screw up a good recipe with fat free junk when serving it to other people.  My family thinks of me as an excellent cook and I don't want to ruin my reputation.  So here is how I survive.

For breakfast I will have a grapefruit ( 0 points).  For lunch I will have carrots and a banana (0 points).
For dinner I will carefully eat only 29 points (remember I am only doing my 19 points/day experiment due to not losing weight).  I will fill my plate up one time only.  The plate will have A LOT of green beans with spray butter (0 points), a 1/2 cup of the delicious potatoes (6 points), a large slice of ham (1 point per oz), so I will be counting 6 points, and a slice of my bread with spray butter (2 points).  Total points for dinner... 14 points!  For dessert I will be eating a slice of my Momma's pie (8 points).  Total Easter enjoyment is 22 points!

Remember dieting is a life style for me.  I have to be in control of my eating for the rest of my life.  That means I must always plan ahead and leave room for my pie.  To think I could never have pie ever, ever, EVER... would just kill me!

Are you living outside of Utah and wondering what funeral potatoes are?

They are often called cheesy potatoes or potatoes au gratin.  Here in Utah we call them funeral potatoes because after someone dies, our church always hosts a dinner for the family of the deceased.  You can always find ham, these type of potatoes, corn and green jello at such a dinner.  So the potatoes got their nickname from funerals.  Do you want the recipe?  Go to the recipe tab under my header and enjoy!

PS I love Jesus!


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