Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wiener Roast

One of my biggest problems dieting is learning how to incorporate the way I eat with feeding my family of six. I packed up the little people and went to a wooded area near our home (aka a place where teenagers smoke pot, drink and have sex). We had hot dogs and smores. It was a blast! I had a fat free hot dog and a tiny (I mean small) smore. It was soo yummy! We ended up staying for over three hours but had to leave when my favorite little boy fell in the water (he needed new pants).

Check out my link above to see the hot dogs I used under my great finds. My hot dog was 1 point, bread was 1 point, and mustard was 0 points.   My smore consisted of half a graham cracker (1 point), One little square of chocolate (1 point), and 2 large marshmallows (1 point). MMmmm MMmmm good!! Now off to take a shower because I smell like smoke.

Me getting ready to roast my 1 point.  Yummy!


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