Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shrink a dink!

Did you ever play with Shrinky Dinks as a kid? Do you know what Shrinky Dinks are? Well according to Wikipedia Shrinky Dinks are a children's toy/activity kit consisting of large flexible sheets which, when heated in an oven, shrink to small hard plates without altering their color or shape. Shrinky Dinks were invented in 1973 by Betty Morris and Kathryn Bloomberg of Brookfield, Wisconsin, as a Cub Scout project with their sons.

Why did I name my blog Shrink a Dink? Well first of all I am a dink. What is I dink? Heck if I know, but I call myself one because I am different. I have a crazy part of me that refuses to grow up and act mature, yet I can be mature when I have to be. People around this neighborhood do not invite me to parties or gatherings. Oh well, I am learning to live with it. I don't have a designer purse or clothes, I don't get my nails done, I don't know how to decorate my house in all the finest decor, I don't know how to sew or craft and I am definitely not a public speaker. I am just me a DINK, just dinking around trying to not care about the other stuff. So now that you all know I am a dink why do I use the word shrink? Because I am actually shrinking! Almost 2 years ago I decided to start dieting and wala I have lost 132lbs! Yes 132lbs all on my own.  I lost 130lbs following the HCG diet, no surgery or special classes.

I started this blog today to help me battle the last 16lbs because for some reason I am struggling. I joined Weight Watchers a couple of months ago to help me learn how to eat right (I starved myself previously). I love Weight Watchers, but have only lost a little bit. No cheating at all. I also started this blog to help others like myself. To encourage and help others get healthy and take control of the one part of their life they can.
This is me "the dink" before...This is me 130lbs later on my 38th birthday. Yes I was invented in 1973 just like the Shrinky Dink.


DeAnna Dahl Kemple said...

You look wonderful!!

Alice said...

I'd been lucky with the genes up to my last baby and hadn't ever had to work to lose weight before. (lucky me, I know) My last baby was different, the weight didn't just disappear, and that little experience leaves me in awe of what you've done!

Crafting is my Therapy said...

you are AWESOME! I cannot wait to follow your progress. I myself need to jump on your bandwagon!

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