Thursday, September 22, 2011

Almost there!

One more pound!  One more pound until I am at my Weight Watchers life-time goal.  I am thrilled! It has taken me forever.  It may take another month to get rid of that last pound.  Of course Weight Watchers will take my money and torture me for six weeks after I reach my goal.  I hear they make sure you maintain that weight loss before you are officially a life-time member.  Wish me luck!  Then 5 more pounds after that and I am at my personal goal!  Not to toot my own horn... Heck why not?  I deserve to toot it!  I am in a size smaller pants then I was when in high school.  Woot!! Woot!!!

And about my photo.  Yes I am in rag curlers today.  Don't knock it because in a few minutes I am going to take them out and have super sexy hair.


Velma VanderMeide said...

I plan to join ww's next to get rid of the rest of the pounds, and change my eating lifestyle for Wish me luck on getting the money to do this too. Right now we are just getting by, so I really need to knuckle down and eat smaller portions...and exercise faithfully!!! Keep up the program cuz' I know you can do it!! Love, Velma

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