Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I got my bling!

Look what I received last week...

I finally earned my WeightWatcher's key chain.  Boy oh boy did it take me forever.  I had my 16 week charm and my 5K charm just waiting for the key chain.  My WeightWatcher's leader, Cyndy was so sweet to give me all the bling to go with it as if I were to have lost the 140 lbs with the WeightWatcher's program (yes, I am now down 141lbs).  This made me feel so special to get recognized publicly for something I had worked so hard on.    This may sound strange, but if it weren't for the support from Cyndy and my amazing friends over at WeightWatcher's on Saturday mornings, I would have given up by now.  This last bit of weight loss has been so hard, frustrating and slow.

Happy Birthday to my Hubby today!  It will be a fun day full of my homemade icecream cake and eating out.  I hope they don't take back my bling at next weeks meeting.


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