Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This could kill a person...

Before starting Weight Watchers I always wondered why I was fat.  I never was the kind of person that would go and buy a dozen doughnuts everyday and eat them all alone.  I never really thought I over ate.  Now that I have been following Weight Watchers I have learned so much.  I now know why I was overweight.  I was eating the wrong things not knowing they were so bad.

Like this Hungry-Man meal.  I only bought this because I had a good coupon that made it 25 cents and I thought it would be great for the hubby to heat up for lunch.

After heating it up in the microwave I thought it looked disgusting.  I wasn't raised on TV dinners so this was a shocker for me.  I also felt it was pretty small being a "Hungry-Man" meal and all.

 Then I grabbed my Weight Watcher PointsPlus calculator and started calculating.  I was thinking probably 12 points.  It was 22 PointsPlus!!!  Not only was it high in points, check out the fat, sodium carbs and sugar.  Sick!

I couldn't feed this to the hubby without telling him... The guilt would kill me.  Guess what?  He ate it anyway.  Sick!

So if you eat TV dinners.  Stop!  They make you fat!!!  You may think you hardly ate anything, but you just ate almost an entire day of calories and points in one little tiny meal.  Gross!


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