Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weight Watchers Changed The Program (a little)

Ok, ok, ok... everyone seems to be freaking out about the new program changes this year for Weight Watchers.  Don't fret, I have it all figured out.  Everything stays the same except the following:
  • You are going to lose some daily PointsPlus values.  So if you have 29 PointsPlus with the old program, you are now only allowed 26.  You need to have your points recalculated. 
  • You can adjust your points.  Say you are allowed 32 points, but you seem to not be losing weight.  Well you can lower you points to meet your weight loss needs, but never go under 26.  26 is the lowest you can go my friends.
  • They are talking a lot about the Simply Filling  program and suggesting this as an option.  They have always had this program, but they never really talk about it.  Well now they are talking.
That is it.  Nothing to stress over.  They do have a new calculator which I purchased only because I feel the old one is a piece of poo.  It is the same process for figuring out points so you really don't need it.  It is a much nicer calculator and if you buy it before January, it is $5.00.  It will go up to $10.00 after January.

I am excited about the new system because I have been one of those people that can't eat 29 points and still lose weight and it has always frustrated me.  I am glad to be a part of a program that is willing to change to meet the needs of their members.

Good luck with the new program and the new year.


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