Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Give Up

I get a lot of questions in my email inbox asking me how not to give up.  It is such a hard question to answer because so many times I have felt like giving up.  Even now at my goal weight, I want to give up at times.  It still gets frustrating and hard.  I found this little song and yes it is child-like, but it has a great message.  Think of all the hard things you have done in your life.  From learning to walk, riding a bike, or even the harder things that being an adult brings like a divorce, death, or unemployment.  Try to really dig deep and know that if you can make it through other hard things in your life, you can surely make it through your weight loss journey.

I hope you enjoy this little song and video.  And Yes, Bruno's hair is fab!
Don't Give Up!


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